MARBEN and its Technology, Engineering and Financial partners can provided project management, construction management, start-up, performance testing and operations & maintenance services for all renewable energy projects worldwide.

Our extensive experience in management, design, and field activities provides a tremendous advantage with respect to technical representation on projects. All MARBEN personnel typically have both design and field experience prior to their involvement as project technical representatives to our clients.

Working with a globally recognized EPCm contractor, they provide complete project wrap, and turnkey solutions for renewable facilities using Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power islands that will generate from 12-300 MW or limited services on a case-by-case basis. The overall scope of MARBEN Energy's services can be summarized as follows:

  • Permitting Support
  • WTE Process Equipment Design & Engineering
  • Assistance in WTE Process Equipment Fabrication & Procurement
  • On-site Project support during Construction
  • Start-up Commissioning & Testing provided by EPCm
  • Performance & Environmental Testing
  • Operations & Maintenance evaluation
  • Operations Training
  • Complete Project financing

Waste to energy technologies:

Waste Gasification
Biomass Gasification
Pyrolysis process
Plasma Gasification
Gas to Liquids


MARBEN provides all you need to supply your energy plant requirements in one single place: We have developed the most robust platform in the industry to guarantee you’ll get the best offer available.

MARBEN can customize all solutions to address specific goals, objectives and tasks. As a versatile services provider, MARBEN can provide complete solutions to your project— from start to finish. Given MARBEN'S experience, our  associate, a proven 12 facility renewable technology professional are equipped to combine unique requirements into every aspect of the project plan.

MARBEN and its team of engineering professionals have the experience necessary to provide solutions for any customization project. Send us a request form to learn more about our customization services.